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Table 1 The education and evaluation of clinical skills and procedures for clinical competency in traditional East-Asican medicine

From: Developing a best practice framework for clinical competency education in the traditional East-Asian medicine curriculum

Category Contents (modules or items) Place Duration
Education Clinical skills covering medical examination (26), Clinical tests and questionnaires (12) and clinical techniques (18) Affiliated traditional medicine hospital (8 clinical departments)
Clinical Skill Practice Center
20 weeks
Processing & preparation of medicinal herbs (4) Practice Lab for Medical Herb 2 weeks
Research ethics and clinical research Affiliated Clinical Research Center 2 weeks
Simulated Clinical Experience progam using simulated clinical setting and standardized patient (15) Clinical Skill Simulation Room 1 weeks
Evaluation Clinical Performance Test
(Objective Structured Clinical Examination (6), Clinical Performance Examination (3), Acupuncture point location & placing needles (2) and Preparation & processing of medical herbs (1))
Test rooms
Acupuncture Practice Room
Practice Lab for Medical Herb
2 days
(120 min./person)