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Table 1 Learning goals of the training program (Workshop and On the Job Training)

From: On the job training in the dissection room: from physical therapy graduates to junior anatomy instructors

Learning goal a Expanded learning goals based on the Lewinian experiential learning model b
The tutor can perceive group processes and positively influence it Presenting the topics of a session to help retain structured instruction (maintaining focus)
The tutor demands active knowledge from the students using active teaching modules Giving a simple and accurate explanation
Giving a short instruction (≤ 15 min) followed by structured active learning of the students
The tutor can explain the defined clinical context to each regional topographical course Providing a short clinical context when relevant
Combining the use of a body and a preparatec in order to complete the three-dimensional and multilayer explanation
  Situation awareness (SA)d
  1. a Based on Shiozawa et al., 2010 [41, 45]
  2. b Based on Kolb 1984 [63]
  3. c Preparate – a prosected body part
  4. dLearning goal developed by the authors based on Wolff et al., (2020) [65] and Harden and Laidlaw (2017) [8, 9, 66]