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Table 8 After the resumption of in-person learning, what type of learning will you be more willing to engage in (single-choice)?a

From: E-Learning during COVID-19: perspectives and experiences of the faculty and students

  S2 S4
E-learning only 273 428
Hybrid-learning with e-learning as the mainstay and in-person learning as a supplement 1289 1555
Hybrid-learning with in-person learning as the mainstay and e-learning as a supplement 2408 2615
Face-to-face learning only 1517 1271
Not sure 188 246
Total (Respondents = Responses) 5675 6115
t(statistic) 0.886
df 8
t(critical value), p = 0.05 2.306
  1. aBased on responses to Q15 (S2, Week 3) and Q14 (S4, Week 9)