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Table 3 Educator’s perception of the ARS use

From: The educational value of an audience response system use in an Iraqi medical school

A Preparation phase:  
1  Time consumed in learning how to use the ARS is reasonable. Disagree
2  Time consumed in preparing ARS questions and slides for the lecture is reasonable. Agree.
3  Level of difficulty in learning and using ARS is within my skills level. Strongly agree.
4  Using ARS is practical and convenient in terms of lecture preparation. Agree.
5  Preparing and incorporating ARS questions for each lecture requires reasonable efforts. Neutral
B Lecture delivery phase:  
1  Using ARS does not affect the amount of lecture content I can deliver. Agree
2  I observe more interaction from students using ARS in the lecture. Strongly agree.
3  I noticed more thinking and deeper involvement from students using ARS. Strongly agree.
4  I feel more enthusiastic to teach more and better using ARS. Strongly agree
5  I enjoy using ARS. Strongly agree.
6  I feel I deliver a better-quality lecture using ARS. Strongly agree.
7  I have a better sense of students understanding of the topic using ARS. Strongly agree
8  ARS helps me tailor the lecture according to the students’ understanding and needs. Agree
9  ARS helps me to evaluate students’ overall knowledge and performance. Agree
10  Overall, I find the ARS is an efficient tool of teaching. Strongly agree