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Table 4 Selected student post-course survey narrative feedback for “The Visual Arts and Medicine” elective (n = 5)

From: Design, implementation, and reflections on a two-week virtual visual arts and medicine course for third- and fourth-year medical students

Open-Ended Questions Student Responses
What were the most meaningful or interesting aspects of the course? Why? “Discussing art, making art, reflecting on experiences throughout medical school -- specifically during the pandemic.”
“I loved getting to view different art pieces and reflect on them through discussion and exercises because it helped me to reflect more critically and hear the perspectives of my classmates.”
“The hands-on activities (painting, kintsugi, etc.)”
What were your least favorite aspects of this course? Why? “I wish some aspects could have been in person -- like going to the University of Michigan Museum of Art and the art therapy sessions”
“Lecture portions, but they were still good!”
What changes would you make to this course? “Hopefully segments can be in person in the future. It would be awesome if there were field trips to the University of Michigan Museum of Art and the Detroit Institute of Arts”
“Hopefully some aspects can be in person in the future.” “Maybe get rid of one or two sessions that did not have a hands-on component.”
“Maybe work on more physical [art] pieces.”
What surprised you about this course? “How much I loved discussing artwork and paintings.”
“[I] learned a lot about the ways art and medicine interact!”
What did you like or dislike about attending the course virtually? “I like that we could be in our own spaces and comfort of our own homes. However, I wished we could go to the art museum together.”
“I thought it was perfect in the virtual format! The only negative was not being able to get more real time feedback on our paintings.”
“I liked the flexibility of being able to participate from anywhere, but I miss the opportunity to engage with art pieces in person.”