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Table 1 Experienced factors influencing IPC

From: How does interprofessional education influence students’ perceptions of collaboration in the clinical setting? A qualitative study

Theme Factor Barrier (-) or facilitator ( +) Quote
Perceived hierarchy Hierarchy - ‘Surgeons are on a higher ranking compared to nurses […] that difference is still there. But on the internal medicine ward, with internists it is totally different. They are closer to the nursing staff, and they do actually listen to your opinion’. (Student no.5-nursing)
Organisational factors Time pressure - ‘You do notice immidiately if a doctor is very busy and doesn’t feel like explaining something’. (Student no.8-nursing)
Organisation of ward -/ +  ‘If I’m on a ward, but I don’t have patients of my own, then I’ll be sitting on the side. But if I do participate with 3 or more patients… then yes, those are my patients and I’ll be addressed as an intern if a nurse is present. Then I feel part of the team’. (Student no.12-medical)
Being familiar with the ward  +  ‘I do feel that way now [feel comfortable in interprofessional contact], now that I have switched to a different ward. You first need to get used to a new ward. Because, at the other one, I felt so comfortable, I knew all ins and outs, that I enjoyed’. (Student no.5-nursing)
Personal Being a student  +  ‘They know you are a student, and I feel that we get to give more input because of that. Nurses [graduated] want to keep it short and move on. With us [students] they really want to explain things’. (Student no.11-nursing)
  - ‘I didn’t really have contact with nurses. Because what I said earlier, they usually turn to my supervisor, I’m not someone that can make something happen. If something needs to be taking care of for a patient, I can’t do that. So they go to the source directly’. (Student no.6-medical)
Age/level difference - ‘If I have to ask a surgeon something, that is of course different than a medical student […], he (student) is more the same age. Well, not the same age, but the difference is less. And they are also still learning, and we are too’. (Student no.22-nursing)
Character traits -/ +  ‘Maybe it also helps that you are a little bit more assertive [when more experienced in education] and you dare to ask more questions’. (Student no.20-nursing)
Patient Responsibility for patient  +  ‘In clinical practice [the IPC] is for a real patient. And also, in clinical practice I feel like I’m the doctor, or at least: this is my responsibility that I need to take care of’ (Student no.6-medical)