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Table 3 Items in assessment sheets completed by supervising doctors (the sheet is shown in Additional file 3: Appendix 3)

From: Locally adapting generic rubrics for the implementation of outcome-based medical education: a mixed-methods approach

ID Item Score Competenciesa
L1 Communication with supervisor 0,1, None C5
L2 A. Recognising importance of patient safety
B. Incident report creation
1 for each C6
L3 Wording and manner with patients 0,1,2 C4
L4 Needs assessment (Bio/psycho/social) 0,1,2 C4
L5 Informed consent 0,1,2,3 C4
L6 Searching medical knowledge and skills new for learner 0,1,2,3 C6
L7 Accepting feedback from others 0,1,2 C9
L8 Reflection 0,1,2,3 C9
L9 Attendance of academic meetings comment C8
L10 List of entrustable tasks comment C2, C3
L11 Rate the tasks in L10 1,2,3,4,5 C2, C3
L12 Points well done comment  
L13 Points to improve comment  
L14 Other comments comment  
  1. aC1 to C9 represent the IDs of the competencies described in Table 2