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Table 1 Parts of the court-based learning component in the medical ethics and law course

From: Developing an innovative medical ethics and law curriculum—constructing a situation-based, interdisciplinary, court-based learning course: a mixed methods study

Part 1: Introduction (1 h)
• Consists of two parts:
I. Introduction to the court, Taiwan’s judicial system and its levels of trials, the rights and obligations of all parties, and court proceedings
II. Role-play: students assume various roles in a lawsuit, from the judge, prosecutor, lawyer, plaintiff, defendant, to witness, and put on the proper court dresses accordingly
Part 2: Audit a court case (1 h)
• Students attend cases on trial that day
Part 3: Panel discussion
• With 2–3 senior judges, 2–3 senior prosecutors, and 2–3 senior physicians
• Consists of two parts:
I. Question and answer: students ask any questions, including those unrelated to the court visit
II. Sharing of experience: experts share their wisdom about the mediation process