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Table 6 Themes of students’ free comments on the CWP activity

From: Crossword puzzle as a learning tool to enhance learning about anticoagulant therapeutics

Feedback about using the game in the teaching-learning process (N = 154)
Perceptions about how student’s felt about the game itself
• “Very exciting we’d love more of this”
• “I like the idea it is creative and fun”
• “Exciting And enjoyable”
• “I find it fun, and I truly enjoyed it”
• “It was fun learning process solving the puzzle with my classmate”
• “I liked how we did not use any reference to answer it was a mind refreshing activity.”
Perceptions about the game effectiveness as tool to improve learning
• “it’s an effective method to enhance learning in fun way, it should be in every topic”
• “I found the idea very different than our usual methods which is truly appreciated”
• “It gives us a good review and it is not associated with marks”
• “Solving crossword puzzles is good review of material I hope to get more for next subject”
• “Interactive learning is fun and efficient way to obtain knowledge and should be used more in all classes rather than the traditional way of teaching”
• “Change the narration style and create a stimulating learning environment for students”
• “It is much better studying in game format rather than normal assignments.”
Perceptions about the game as a self-assessment tool for learning
• “It makes me focus more on the spelling which is important”
• “The activities enhance memorization of the information”
• “Perfect method to evaluate our knowledge”
• “It was fun and forces us to learn the spilling of drugs”
• “Was great help to remember as reviewing after study “
• “Improves thinking and memorizing”
• “I think it’s a good idea change in the routine it made me want to pay more attention in class”
• “It facilities the learning and being familiar with the drugs”
Perceptions about the learning environment
• “it’s good and make the class more active”
• “It makes the group more comfortable with each other, so has a good process in communication”
• “It is an amazing activity to be engaged in learning”
• “It’s getting quite competitive”
• “I had good time doing this game with my classmates and it makes me revise the information that I studied in therapeutic”