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Table 1 Specific Learning Objectives for Lectures Covering Anticoagulation therapeutics

From: Crossword puzzle as a learning tool to enhance learning about anticoagulant therapeutics

PHCL 412 and PHCL 416 Anticoagulation Therapy Lectures Objectives:
1. Compare and contrast between the different anticoagulant therapies about:
a. Place of therapy
b. Mechanisms of action
c. Advantages and disadvantages in terms of their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties (e.g. dosing, the onset of action, drug & food interactions, etc.)
d. *Key pivotal clinical trials of anticoagulant drugs
e. Side effects and management
f. Monitoring of drug therapy
g. Patient education
h. *Use in a selected population (e.g. cancer patients, pregnancy, morbid obesity, renal impairment, and pediatrics)
2. Apply evidence-based guideline recommendations for the use of anticoagulants in the:
a. Prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism
b. Stroke prevention in Atrial fibrillation
c. aPerioperative management of anticoagulant therapy
  1. a not included in the learning objectives for PHCL416. PHCL 412: is the course code for the therapeutic module offered in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program. PHCL 416: is the course code for the therapeutic module offered in the Bachelor of Pharmacy program, PHCL