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Table 4 Overarching synthesis across all six socialization strategies: explicit (intentional) learning objectives & implicit (unintentional) effects

From: Learning the ropes: strategies program directors use to facilitate organizational socialization of newcomer residents, a qualitative study

Strategy Socialization as an explicit (intentional) learning objective Socialization as an implicit (unintentional) effect of social interaction at the workplace
Facilitating newcomers in learning their new role Making socialization explicit in the introduction program Socialization is an unintentional effect of the introduction program
Letting newcomers get acquainted with many supervisors PDs explicitly let newcomers get acquainted with many supervisors Getting acquainted to other health care professionals is not arranged and therefore socialization occurs unintentionally
Making use of role modeling Making explicit to residents that the PD is a role model Assuming that PDs are a role model for residents without making it explicit and therefore socialization is an unintentional effect