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Table 5 Score sheet of small lecture for residency standardized training in Shanghai East Hospital

From: A case study: a continuous improvement project of lecturing skills for clinical teachers in Chinese residency standardized training

Item Weights Contents Weights Score (0–100)
Content 20 Full course preparation 5  
Theme and content are suitable for residents’ characteristics and training requirements 5  
Clear teaching goals, accurate content selection, and new progress 10  
Beginning 15 Theme is clear 5  
Fascinating at the beginning 10  
Main body 20 The main content is substantial and contains useful knowledge 10  
Skillful use of teaching skills 10  
Ending 15 High profile summary 10  
Sublimation at the end, with profound meaning 5  
Presentation 30 PPT production 10  
Proper etiquette 10  
Full classroom interaction, focusing on critical clinical thinking 10