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Table 6 Categorized content of free-text feedback

From: Opening up a tailored tutor qualification program for medical students to other healthcare students – a mixed-method study

Categories Feedback on what should remain part of the training Feedback on what should be improved
Didactics and teaching methods
Practical exercises and role plays in tutorials n = 44 n = 18
role plays evaluated positively (44) more role play opportunities (8)
clearer description of the task (7)
additional topics to be thought of in the exercise tutorials (4)
general dissatisfaction with role play (2)
Interactive games n = 20 n = 5
diverse icebreakers (e.g. sociometric, speed dating) (17)
team-building games (6)a
include more methods (4)
provide more activating methods to motivate participants (2)
Temporary division into small working groups n = 12 n = 5
small group work evaluated positively (12) working group composition should be remixed more often during course time (3)
shorten the sharing of experiences and working group results (2)
Specific concepts and topics n = 27 n = 3
group dynamics and group roles (12)
theme-centred interaction (Cohn) and analysis of challenging situations (11)
basics of teaching and learning (6)
leadership styles (6)
dive deeper into teaching and learning theory (3)
Balance of the program
Balanced and entertaining n = 21 n = 17
methodological diversity and variety (13)
interactive format (6)
balanced relationship and connection between theory and practice (5)
provide less theoretical input (5)
present theories in a more condensed and gripping way (4)
provide more input (4)
more exercises to practice the theories (3)
too much content in general (2)
Group and trainer
Interprofessionality and group characteristics n = 11 n = 2
positive atmosphere and pleasant interaction (6)
group composition and interprofessionality (5)
some content should be more specific to my studies (2)
Trainer-trainee-interaction n = 9 n = 10
learner centred approach and individual feedback (7)
support of multiple trainers (2)
feedback and reflection mentality too pronounced (10)
criticized teaching styles of specific trainers (2)
Program and organisation
Structure and design of the training n = 5 n = 39
clear structure (3)
appropriate visual aids (3)
breaks management (15)
time management (10)
time of the training (afternoon blocks) not appropriate (5)
shorten the training (4)
less demanding content at the end (4)
provide more written material (4)
schedule and objectives should be provided in the beginning (2)
Other everything was fine (6)
consultation hour with experienced tutors (2)
training for online teaching (2)a
more involvement of experienced tutors (2)
more outdoor exercises (2)
  1. n number of participants who referred to the category; in parentheses: number of mentions
  2. aPart of the program since the 5th cohort; aspects mentioned only once are not included in the table