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Table 1 Scales and example items from the Course Experience Questionnaire

From: Perceptions of the academic learning environment among occupational therapy students – changes across a three-year undergraduate study program

Scales Items
Clear goals and standards The aims and objectives of this course are not made very cleara
Emphasis on independence Students have a great deal of choice over how they are going to learn in this course
Good teaching The staff make a real effort to understand difficulties students may be having with their work
Appropriate workload The sheer volume of work to be got through in this course means you can’t comprehend it all thoroughlya
Generic skills This course has helped develop my ability to work as a team member
Feedback Feedback on student work is usually only provided in the form of marks and grades
Student satisfaction Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this course
  1. The scale ‘Appropriate assessment’ was excluded from the current study
  2. aThe item has reversed coding