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Table 1 Example of an SJT scenario (translated from the original Indonesian language version)

From: Evaluation of Situational Judgment Tests in student selection in Indonesia and the impact on diversity issues

Mario is a first-year medical student from a remote island in the east of Indonesia. He lives in the dormitory and has no family in Jakarta. Budi, his classmate, notices that Mario is very quiet and rarely participates in group discussion. When asked why he never participates in the discussion, Mario said that he couldn’t study because he doesn’t have a laptop.
How appropriate is each of Budi’s responses below? (1 = very appropriate; 2 = appropriate but not ideal; 3 = inappropriate but not awful; 4 very inappropriate)
 Q1. Report Mario’s problem to the teacher
 Q2. Lend Mario an unused laptop from his house
 Q3. Invite Mario to study together in his house
 Q4. Save some of his allowance to help Mario buy a laptop
 Q5. Tell other group members to not give tasks to Mario
 Q6. Let Mario find a solution by himself