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Table 1 Data collection methods and participants for the over-arching research study

From: Transformative learning through participation: experiences at a rural clinical training site in South Africa

Data collection method Participants Number of Participants
Semi-structured individual interviews Supervising medical clinicians 3
Supervising rehabilitation clinicians 3
Dr Harry Surtie Hospital facility managers 3
Academic programme managers at Tygerberg 8
Final year medical students undergoing longitudinal placement 4
Pre- and post-rotation surveys with open and closed ended questions distributed using Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap™) software [20] Short rotation final year physiotherapy students (pre/post rotation) 4
Short rotation final year occupational therapy students (pre/post rotation) 8
Short rotation final year medical students 10
Semi-structured focus group interviews District health managers 5
Nursing preceptors 3
Brief semi-structured conversations [21] Non-supervising clinicians and administrative staff from Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine, Paediatric, Orthopaedic and Surgical departments as well as staff working in the Intensive Care Unit 12
Total participants 63