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Table 3 Items with mean score <2 and >4 as program weaknesses and strengths

From: Students’ perception of educational environment based on Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure and the role of peer mentoring: a cross-sectional study

Item Subscale Mean score
Mean score < 2
48. The teaching is too teacher-centered SPL 0.7
25. The teaching over-emphasizes factual learning SPL 0.4
9. The teachers are authoritarian SPT 1.7
8. The teachers ridicule the students SPT 1.6
39. The teachers get angry in class SPT 0.9
50. The students irritate the teachers SPA 1.4
35. I find the experience disappointing SPA 1.3
17. Cheating is a problem in this school SPA 1.5
4. I am too tired to enjoy the course SSSP 1.1
Mean score > 4
2. The teachers are knowledgeable SPT 4.1
15. I have good friends in this school SSSP 4.1
  1. SPL Student Perception of Learning, SPT Student Perception of Teachers, SASP Students’ academic self-perceptions, SPA Students’ perceptions of atmosphere, SSSP Students’ social self-perceptions