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Table 1 Correct steps to be performed in the intravenous cannulation station and the points awarded for each step

From: Effect of phone call distraction on the performance of medical students in an OSCE

Step Correct Partial
Assembling Materials
 Peripheral venous cathether 0.16  
 Tourniquet 0.16  
 Alcohol 0.16  
 Band-aid 0.16  
 Swab 0.16  
 Sharps container 0.20  
Putting on gloves
(partial if hand disinfection missing)
1.0 0.5
Putting on the tourniquet
(partial if kept on for too long)
0.5 0.25
Taking off the tourniquet
(partial if taken off after needle has been removed)
0.5 0.25
Cleaning the patient’s skin with alcohol 0.5  
Letting the alcohol dry for 30 seconds 0.5  
Inserting the needle
(partial if only successful on second try)
0.5 0.25
Sterile insertion of the needle 0.5 0.25
Disposing the needle into the sharps container
(partial if needle is placed on a tray)
1.0 0.5
Fixing the catheter in place 1.0  
Starting the intravenous therapy 1.0  
Informing the patient about the procedure 0.5  
Performing all steps in a structured manner 1.0  
Sanitizing the hands after the procedure has been completed 0.5