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Table 1 Community of practices’ mandate and health promotion interventions

From: Healthcare professionals’ longitudinal perceptions of group phenomena as determinants of self-assessed learning in organizational communities of practice

  Mandate of the community of practice Interventions implemented by the community of practice
A To evaluate and prevent health risks among workers in the territory. Supported the implementation of measures favorable to occupational health at the time of the start-up and relocation of companies in the territory.
B Meet the needs of schools in the territory. Supported the promotion of education by the parents of primary school students in the territory.
C To intervene with families in matters of nutrition, vaccination, education, child behavior and family life. Reserved childcare places for marginalized families; Established a breastfeeding promotion network; Developed a social network of immigrant mothers; Has set up a family/child consultation table in the territory.
D To prevent disease and promote the health of pupils attending schools in its territory. Developed activities to facilitate the smooth transition from primary school to secondary school.
E Provide psychosocial services to vulnerable families in the territory with the aim of reducing the difficulties of social adaptation and its consequences. Broke the isolation of community workers working in low-income housing by initiating joint projects; Has set up a collective kitchen in a low-rent dwelling.
F Promote healthy lifestyle habits. Created a community grocery store.