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Table 1 Comprehensive nursing skills training

From: Construction and practice of a comprehensive nursing skills course with simulation in an RN-BSN program in China: a quasi-experimental study

Module Stage Subject Content Pedagogical approach Class hour Setting
Module 1 Preparation Nursing education progresses ∙ Introduce the course schedule
∙ Learn new pedagogical methods and evaluation mode
∙ Lecture 3 Classroom
Module 2 Analysis Case study ∙ Analyze clinical case
∙ Discuss the case in group
∙ Student-centered group study;
∙ Case-based learning
3 Classroom
Module 3 Simulation Scenario simulation ∙ Four cases: type 2 diabetes; protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; cardiac failure
∙ Students are divided into 2 classes; each class is divided into 6 groups
∙ Preparation phase; simulation phase; debriefing phase
∙ Student-centered group study;
∙ Role-play in scenario simulation
17 Laboratory; classroom
Module 4 Sharing Clinical nursing case sharing ∙ Students collect clinical case and make PowerPoint presentations using nursing process in advance
∙ Share case in the class in 16 groups
∙ Presentation by students
∙ Question & Answer session
4 Classroom