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Table 1 Definitions of themes in the coding frame

From: Why is it so difficult to implement a longitudinal clinical reasoning curriculum? A multicenter interview study on the barriers perceived by European health professions educators

Theme code Theme definition
Time Lack of time for teaching or for learning how to teach effectively, or lack of time for teaching CR in the curriculum.
Culture Culture-related barriers arising from established practices within the university or national health care systems, collaboration issues arising from the lack of practice in discussing errors, reflection, providing feedback, and intra−/inter-professional communication.
Motivation A theme that includes a lack of financial (i.e. resources to pay teachers) or other forms of motivation or incentives (i.e. lack of support from authorities, low priority for teaching).
Concept Lack of awareness of the importance of CR, and/or a disagreement of what it means within one profession or interprofessionally.
Teaching A theme that includes a lack of: awareness or belief in the effectiveness of explicit CR teaching methods; CR competency frameworks; guidelines on how to teach CR; adequately trained instructors and leadership in implementing and running CR courses.
Assessment Unawareness or inability to implement clinical reasoning assessment methods.
Infrastructure Difficulties in organizing clinical reasoning teaching and assessment due to lack of physical space, adequate hardware/software infrastructure, and workflows.
Others A residual theme containing segments we could not assign otherwise.
  1. Note: Definitions of subthemes and exemplar quotations can be found in Additional file 1