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Table 3 Theoretical domains underpinning the study findings

From: Online training in evidence-based medicine and research methods for GP registrars: a mixed-methods evaluation of engagement and impact

Domains* Study findings
  Perceived impact Barriers and enablers
Knowledge Increase in knowledge of Finding/interpreting/critiquing research information Technical issues
Skills/ability Ability to Find/ interpret/critique/ use research information  
Social/professional role and identity (Self-standards)   GPs self-standards ensured to choose the high-quality and EBM guideline
Beliefs about capabilities (self-confidence) Increased confidence  
Beliefs about consequences (Anticipated outcomes/ attitude) Awareness of the importance of incorporating research into practice Perception about EBM, considering supervisor recommended practice to be acceptable without questioning
Memory, attention and decision processes   Difficulty remembering to use research evidence
Environmental context and resources Increased access to databases Time, access to databases, system
Nature of the behaviours (Routine)   Past (existing) behaviour
Social influences (Norms)   Supervisors and accepted norms
  1. *Michie et al. 2005 [44]