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Table 2 Participant experience feedback from online survey (n = 391) and interviews (n = 14)

From: Online training in evidence-based medicine and research methods for GP registrars: a mixed-methods evaluation of engagement and impact

  Survey multiple choice Survey open-ended questions Qualitative interviews
 Easy to understand   I felt like the content was delivered in a way that made it very easy to understand [#14].
 Relevant to practice, particularly/ case studies   I think it was quite relevant. Especially when they brought in a case study that is very common in the general practice room [#12].
 A good resource   I think the main things were resources I could use to look up things in future if I had trouble. So, I saved them as bookmarks [#12].
 Flexible (Q.5) Flexibility in learning Flexible with time and pace The fact that it was online, that I could do it in my own time, and that flexibility was great [#09].
 Easy navigation / user friendly (Q.6) Mixed Mixed
The navigating the system was fine. It was easy [#04].
I did find a problem with it. When you had to move answers into boxes, if it accidentally went into the wrong box [#08].
 Individualised learning (Q.8)   
 Feedback /interactivity (Q.11) Liked the interactivity e.g. quizzes & feedback It was good that we were sort of asked to generate a response, to answer a question. I also enjoyed that they [the course] gave you a model answer [#14].
 Engaging   Mixed
So, I thought it was good mix of media which made the presentation interesting and it kept my attention for longer than it may have otherwise [#07].
I found that it was a little bit difficult to engage with some of the modules [#3].