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Table 2 Interview Schedule

From: Exploring attributes of high-quality clinical supervision in general practice through interviews with peer-recognised GP supervisors

Question Prompt
1. Firstly can you tell me a bit about yourself and your practice?  
2. Can you please tell us a bit about your experience with supervising registrars?  
3. When did you start supervising and how was it that you started? Choice, landed in it incidentally, did you always want to do it? Why did you start supervising?
4. What sets you apart from other GP supervisors? Can you think of colleagues who you think are/were good supervisors and reflect on your own practice that way?
5. What is your approach to supervising? What makes it good quality - prompt try to pin down to skills that could be trained, rather than just personality factors?
6. How did you learn this approach? Did you use any specific resources? Nothing I just did it, reflective practice/experiential learning, off the job training or specific professional development that they might have done, observing professional colleagues.
Were any of the resources particularly useful?
7. Does your general practice impact the quality of your supervision in any way? How? The way the practice is set up, the colleagues, patients.
What is the ideal general practice environment for high quality supervision? Contrast any experience of changing practices on supervision work, any impact, also rural versus metropolitan.
8. To what extent do any registrar attributes impact on the quality of your supervision? How? Different types of registrars
Contrast the impact of different registrars, adapting to different learner styles, personalities, specific issues.
9. Was there ever a time you felt like quitting the supervision role? Tell me about it. Things that left you feeling burnt out or where the gain wasn’t worth the effort, why didn’t you quit and what helped?
10. How do you think supervision of registrars changed over the course of your career? Any impact on the types of skills needed to be an effective supervisor. Have registrars changed over time, and why?
11. What do you think are the skills that contemporary supervisors need?