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Table 1 Broad requirements and functions of GP supervisors in Australia [5, 6]

From: Exploring attributes of high-quality clinical supervision in general practice through interviews with peer-recognised GP supervisors

• Have requisite experience as a doctor (varies but 4–5 years is a benchmark, and may include the supervisor’s own general practice training of 3–4 years)
• Understand training requirements and breadth of scope of knowledge, skills and experience that are required of the registrar (GP trainee)
• Understand the type of supervision that is required of the registrar (noting their training stage and college of GP training that they are enrolled in)
• Negotiate methods and frequency of communication with the registrar
• Meet with the registrar early in the placement to discuss and appraise the registrar’s skills and experience and develop a learning plan
• Provide appraisal and formative assessment of the registrar in accordance with their stage of learning
• Provide or facilitate structured educational activity requirements according to the registrar’s training stage and experience
• Organise their own clinical workload to be compatible with the teaching commitments
• Ensure the number of registrars under supervision does not exceed supervisor’s ability to provide effective supervision
• Ensure that another supervisor is available when they are not available
• Participate in supervisor training and other activities to gain accreditation and develop skills
• Be an excellent role model