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Table 3 Results of thematic analysis including codes and representative quotes

From: Building a virtual summer research experience in cancer for high school and early undergraduate students: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Categories Codes Representative Quote
Incoming Concerns Lack of hands on experience “I am a hands-on learner, so I am not sure how well I will understand new material if it is all just listening to others virtually.”
Difficulty connecting with mentor “My concern is not being able to connect with my mentor as well this summer because she will be busy and we won’t see each other every day like the in-person program”
Experience with vSREC Mentors Created supportive environment “My mentor was always available for questions via email or if, necessary, Zoom… Dr. --- was also very supportive by taking the time out of her schedule to meet with me 1:1 to discuss my progress.”
Career advisors “She supported me beyond the summer program. She helped guide me for future research in college.”
Providing feedback “During the Zoom call he always gave constructive feedback and told us how proud he was of us.”
Enjoyable aspects of vSREC Guest speakers “The most enjoyable aspects for me was listening to guest speakers and learning the range of paths in the field of science and research”
Learning digital skills “I learned how to use Zoom efficiently which will be important for the coming school year. I liked the professional tips we learned, like having a virtual background and having a profile picture or staying muted in meetings but being on camera.”
Improving the vSREC Experience Match peers in labs “Working with my mentor was nice but I would have liked being able to connect with another student in my lab. The others were just older than me and not really doing the same kind of summer experience.”
Reducing screen time “It was difficulty having back-to-back meetings and sitting in the chair all day.”
Increased interactions and networking “I suggest having more opportunities for the interns to network with one another.”