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Table 1 The Abbreviated Maslach Burnout Inventory. Each question is scored within a specific subset - Personal Accomplishment (PA), EE (Emotional Exhaustion), DP (Depersonalization)

From: I’m No Superman: fostering physician resilience through guided group discussion of Scrubs

  How often: Never A few times per month Once a month or less A few times a month Once a week A few times a week Every day
Category 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
I deal very effectively with the problems of my patients PA        
I feel I treat some patients as if they were impersonal objects DP        
I feel emotionally drained from my work EE        
I feel fatigued when I get up in the morning and have to face another day on the job EE        
I’ve become more callous towards people since I took this job DP        
I feel I’m positively influencing other people’s lives through my work PA        
Working with people all day is really a strain for me EE        
I don’t really care what happens to some patients DP        
I feel exhilarated after working closely with my patients PA