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Table 2 Thematic structure presenting key factors for successful QI teaching and suggestions for improvement

From: Sustainability in quality improvement (SusQI): a case-study in undergraduate medical education

Factors that enabled learning 1. Interactivity and Participation 1.1 Role of Hub technology
1.2 Engaging in critical discussions with peers
2. Content 2.1 Pitched at the right level
2.2 Balance between shock and hope
3. Real-life 3.1 Relevance to practice
3.2 Examples of achievable projects by near peers
Suggestions for improvement 4. Additional support outside of the teaching session 4.1 Having resources for action
4.2 Balance ‘ready-to-go’ project ideas with student choice
5. Adapting the teaching structure to suit student needs 5.1 Curricular positioning and emphasis
5.2 More interactivity
5.3 More than one session
5.4 Sustainability integrated consistently across the curriculum