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Table 1 Overview of the G-SS clinical cases proposed in eight-day cycle procedure

From: Impact of guided self-study on learning success in undergraduate physiotherapy students in Switzerland – a feasibility study of a higher education intervention

G-SS period Clinical Case Learning objective
1 Thoracic massage of an elderly person after heart surgery 1. To perform massage techniques on two different positions
2. To develop a massage checklist
2 Colleague with a muscle stiffness in the region of the hamstring after Squash 1. To develop an examination protocol
2. To explain a physiological reflex model of muscle stiffness
3 Gait analysis of an elderly person and younger person 1. To develop a gait analysis checklist
2. To develop an examination protocol for gait analysis
4 Measurement of body joint angles with goniometer and mobile-phone-based apps 1. Explaining the differences between the neutral-zero measurement method and Apps applications
2. To develop a checklist for traditional joint angle measurement for hip and knee joint mobility.
5 Passive and active joint examination, translational joint examination and tests for muscle flexibility and muscle strength of the pelvis-hip-region 1, To perform a specific examination of the hip region in a time frame of 8 min
6 Football player with knee pain with a pain area around the adductor tubercle 1. Hypothesis-deductive approach of an examination of the lower extremity