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Table 6 Illustrative quotes for identified response mechanisms

From: A realist evaluation exploring simulated patient role-play in pharmacist undergraduate communication training

‘Finding things in ourselves that we didn't even know were there before…It really helps you, to go back and reflect…it really changes your future interactions with other people’
‘I suppose it was good to see your own sort of performance and then kind of comparing it to how other people did and then kind of learning from them and that’
‘to kind of focus yourself in the video and see like if you look at it objectively and just look at, okay, what did I do right? What did I do wrong?’
‘That helped, be a little bit more conscious of behaviors. Um, even if that's subconsciously at the back of your mind’
‘I've noticed if I were particularly uncomfortable in the situation that I did fidget with my hands more…it was just kind of to note that thinking hang on, that's not going to put the patient at ease if I'm there fumbling with stuff’
‘it's really beneficial in terms of just bringing up your confidence’
‘I mean it was a bit embarrassing, but I think it showed habits that you might not have been aware’
‘The nerves of actually watching yourself back, but I think ultimately in the long run it was probably good because you picked up on things’