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Table 3 Thematic scheme of COVID-19 medical education needs

From: Attitudes towards COVID-19 precautionary measures and willingness to work during an outbreak among medical students in Singapore: a mixed-methods study

Category Themes Representative Quotes
Protocol Improvement • Hospital workflow and protocols “More knowledge on protocols taken in hospitals during an infectious disease outbreak”
• Roles and risks of student involved “What medical students can or cannot do on the frontlines – specifics of role and risks involved”
• Protection of family from COVID-19 ‘Would like to know what additional precautions I should be taking at home to avoid infecting my family”
• Knowledge tailored to needs “COVID-19 disease crash course lecture or rounds on current information on COVID”
Skill Enhancement • Personal protective equipment (PPE) “Regular PPE training. Some basic procedures since Year 1 so we can assist in the case of an outbreak”
• Real-life simulation and experiences “More hands-on practice. How different practicing on a dummy/mannequin is compared to real life persons.”
o COVID-specific clinical exposure “Proper practice on investigation and management procedures for COVID-19 suspect cases”
o Refresher courses “More training sessions to refresh memory”
o Post-exposure protocol “Steps to be taken after contact with suspect case”
o Increased clinical exposure “More real-life experience”
o Management of emergencies “Symptomatic management as well as how to spot emergencies that should be escalated immediately”
o Patient interaction “The emotional aspect/being sensitive to patients”