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Table 2 Suggested amendments to the standards done in the consensus session

From: A guide for evaluation of online learning in medical education: a qualitative reflective analysis

Quality areas Suggested indicators
Organizational bylaws 1. Course specifications are to be linked to the methodology of the online teaching and the method of assessment.
2. Define the platforms used for online learning.
3. Presence of a clear policy for training the students and the staff.
4. A guide for the proposed online methodologies is to be provided by the SCU.
Course delivery 1. Establish an e-library to act as an educational backup.
2. Emphasis formulation of e-learning committee and direct their effort towards the students and students.
Student assessment 1. To specify the number and type of assessment tool for each domain separately (e.g., MCQs and essays for cognition, OSPE and DOPS for practical skills).
2. To specify the minimum number or be continuous formative for all types of domains.
3. Specify Corrective actions based on the students results of the formative assessment.
4. Corrective actions based on the students results of the summative assessment to be implemented in the next cycle.
Administration 1. There is an established program for continuous faculty training on skills needed for online teaching.
2. There is documented monitoring and reporting on the activities (sessions and exam)
3. There is an established program for student training.
4. There is a clear pathway for feedback analysis for improvement points.