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Table 3 Sample and sample size

From: Medical education reform in Tajikistan: comparison of the conventional one-year family medicine residency program and the new two-year residency program for postgraduate medical education

Group Description Total Enrolment MCQT Sample OSCE Sample
1st year PUST residents Graduated medical students newly entering the 2-year PUST program N = 20 N = 20 N = 20
Graduated Internatura residents Newly graduated FM doctors who underwent the 1-year unstructured work experience N = 22 N = 8 N = 6
Graduated PUST residents Newly graduated FM doctors who just completed the 2-year PUST program N = 26 N = 26 N = 24
  1. Note 1: Total enrolment refers to the number of residents who enrolled in the program