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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Teaching the social determinants of health through medical legal partnerships: a systematic review

PICOTTSS CRITERIA Inclusion Exclusion
P: Population: Undergraduate or Graduate medical education  
I: Intervention: Medical Legal Partnerships programs integrated into educational curriculum in any capacity  
C: Comparator: Any  
O: Outcomes: Knowledge or Attitudes surrounding the importance of social determinants of health in patients / communities, as well the importance of legal aid / lawyers as team members on healthcare team
Practice (including documentation) regarding any change in identifying or addressing unmet social needs in clinic patients
T: Time over which to review literature: Any  
T: Time allotted for outcomes to appear: Any  
S: Study Designs Allowed: Trials
Cohort Studies
Pre/Post single group
Case report or case series
Systematic review
Conference abstracts
Review articles
S: Setting Allowed: Any (E.g. hospital, clinic, community, hospice, VA, behavioral health)  
Publication Language English Any other