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Table 1 Orthogeriatrics curriculum components

From: A mixed methods evaluation of a 4-week geriatrics curriculum in strengthening knowledge and comfort among orthopaedic surgery residents

Activity Description
Clinical Inpatient
2 weeks perioperative assessments:
• Orthopaedic elderly patients and management of medically frail, complex older adults
2 weeks inpatient geriatric consultation:
• Comprehensive geriatric assessments on the Orthogeriatrics and surgical services
1 day Perioperative Assessment Clinic
½ day Falls Prevention Clinic
½ day Geriatric Day Hospital Clinic
½ day Geriatric Medicine Clinic
Educational Content Perioperative Teaching Rounds (Perioperative Risk Assessment, Evidence Based Medicine, Perioperative Management e.g. Anticoagulation)
Geriatric Giant Seminars (Dementia, Delirium, Falls, Incontinence, Constipation, Polypharmacy)
Allied Health Seminars (Gait aids, Community Support Services, Capacity, Wound care)
Evaluation In-Training Evaluation Reports (ITERs)
360 feedback
Exit interviews