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Table 1 Survey questions and results

From: A qualitative study exploring contributors to the success of a community of practice in rehabilitation

EPIC. On a scale of 0% to 100%, how confident are you in your ability to: (abbreviated questions are listed below) Mean (SD)
EPIC Total Score 57.9 (21.7)
Identify a gap in your knowledge … ? 82.2 (8.3)
Formulate a question to guide a literature search … ? 61.1 (15.3)
Effectively conduct an online literature … ? 62.2 (20.4)
Critically appraise the strengths and weaknesses of study methods … ? 50.0 (21.2)
Critically appraise the measurement properties standardized tests … ? 55.6 (22.4)
Interpret results such as t-tests or chi-square tests? 20.0 (19.4)
Interpret results such as linear or logistic regression? 20.0 (21.8)
Determine if evidence applies to your patient’s or client’s situation? 57.8 (21.1)
Ask your patient/client about needs, values and treatment preferences? 85.6 (8.8)
Decide on an appropriate course of action based on integrating the research, clinical judgment and patient or client preferences? 75.6 (18.1)
Continually evaluate the effect of your treatment on patient/client outcomes? 66.7 (25.5)
Knowledge Expert Questions  
KE questions, total score 39.1 (18.0)
Use the standard error of measurement to support interpretation of measurement results published in articles or from my own clinical practice? 26.7 (25.5)
Use the minimum detectable change to track a patient’s change over time? 28.9 (25.5)
Use the minimal clinical important difference to track a patient’s change over time? 23.3 (22.4)
Determine an appropriate dose of an intervention to provide to a patient? 63.3 (20)
Select an appropriate outcome measurement to assess change that results from an intervention? 53.3 (21.8)