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Table 5 Benefits and opportunities that IPPE students experienced during their virtual training

From: Student and educator perspectives on virtual institutional introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE)

Items on the questionnaire Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
I had more time to learn new skills 2.3 6.9 35.6 36.8 18.4
I liked the time flexibility when working on my training activities 1.1 9.2 25.3 28.7 35.6
I believe that my experience with distance learning and training has improved 1.1 8.0 25.3 37.9 27.6
I feel encouraged to use distance learning and training more often in the future 8.0 3.4 24.1 37.9 26.4
I was able to reflect on what I was learning and what I want to do in the future 3.4 4.6 26.4 43.7 21.8
I was able to perform patient care related activity in a way that will help me in the future 0.0 9.2 28.7 43.7 18.4
I had time to volunteer in projects or initiatives that helps the community 10.3 14.9 44.8 23.0 6.9
  1. The values in the table are percentages of the participants in each category.