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Table 2 Descriptives of IAT D-scores by position and specialty for male and female doctors separately

From: Implicit gender-career bias in postgraduate medical training still exists, mainly in residents and in females

  IAT D-score
M (SD)
M (SD)
Position: Residents 0.36 (0.42) 0.41 (0.34)
 Clinical trainers 0.29 (0.39) 0.32 (0.37)
Specialty: Surgical doctors 0.35 (0.34)a 0.37 (0.40)a
 Non-surgical doctors 0.28 (0.40) 0.40 (0.38)
  1. Note aT-test analyses showed significant differences between non-surgical female doctors’ and non-surgical male doctors’ mean IAT D scores