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Table 4 Theme analysis of EIP course open-ended question

From: Survey analysis to determine the impact of evidence informed practice education upon East Asian medicine faculty clinical instruction and students’ skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors within a master’s degree program

Themes Content Number of commentsa
n = 91
n = 122
Total (%)b
n = 213
Satisfaction class, instructor, education, enthusiasm to learn 18 75 93 (31)
Positive view of research changed perspective of research, research is important - legitimizes the profession, interested in doing research, relevance and application of skills learned, would like more of this content 10 57 67 (22)
Dissatisfaction length of the class, too challenging, not challenging enough, too late in the program, online modules, need more practice 12 36 48 (16)
Comparison to other courses in the degree program other courses presented unscientific perspectives, prefer Chinese medicine to biomedicine, research not well integrated into other courses 39 2 41 (14)
Reference to prior learning transfer student, little prior exposure to research, little clinical experience 24 5 29 (10)
Negative view of research not interesting, not valuable, cooptation concerns, paradigm differences, irrelevancy to clinical practice 10 10 20 (7)
  1. aComments from individual respondents were frequently categorized into more than one theme. Therefore, the number of comments exceeds the number (n) of respondents
  2. bTotal comment percentages were calculated by dividing the total number of comments for each theme by the total number of comments that had been categorized into the six themes (298)