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Table 4 List of selected references with study titles and modalities and respective themes identified from the BVS research using the terms instruction and basic care

From: Use of an evidence-based health portal to improve teaching and learning in primary care: a mixed methods evaluation

Title and type of study -Objective of study with intervention proposal-
Ensino e Aprendizagem em Serviços de Atenção Básica do aSUS: desafios da formação médica com a perspectiva da integralidade. “Narrativas e Tessituras”
PhD Thesis [4]
Focus on teaching, learning and evaluation in basic aSUS services with the analysis of obstacles to and potential for the transformation of training and assistance in terms of completeness with reference to the bDCNs.
The work recommends that new care projects for care and training be developed collectively.
A preceptoria na rede básica da Secretaria Municipal de Saúde do Rio de Janeiro: opinião dos profissionais de Saúde
Evaluations of 351 PC health professionals of the cSMS in Rio de Janeiro on teaching activity. It is shown that there has been little appreciation and encouragement of teaching based on work and teaching conditions or improvements of salaries, infrastructure and professional qualifications.
The dIES and the state are responsible for carrying out effective partnerships to mitigate this situation.
Improving education in primary care: development of an online curriculum using the blended learning model.
Effectiveness of using a mixed learning curriculum at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio using modules available online.
Estrategia de superación para perfeccionar la labor del tutor em los estudiantes de Medicina de la Filial de Ciencias Médicas de Morón.
The study finds that the training of tutors for general practitioner students remains insufficient at the School of Medical Sciences of Moron in Cuba. The work proposes a means of improving tutor training through three avenues: overcoming challenges, teaching assistant work and methodological work.
Becoming a super preceptor: a practical guide to preceptorship in today's clinical climate.
The study proposes ways to apply realistic techniques to ensure that instruction is successful.
Competencias docentes del Médico de Familia em el desempeño de la tutoría em la carrera de Medicina
The work verifies the absence of a system for selecting and training tutors. Moreover, the authors criticize a lack of suitable scenarios for teaching due to material difficulties. It is observed that inadequate teaching-service relationships have resulted in improvisation and a lack of preceptor motivation. The work calls for the use of skills that can improve pedagogical management among family doctors who serve as tutors.
  1. aSUS Brazil’s Unified Health System
  2. bDCNs National Curricular Guidelines
  3. cSMS Health Department of Rio de Janeiro
  4. dIES Higher Education Institutions