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Table 1 Themes identified from conversations with medical school A, B and C preceptor

From: Use of an evidence-based health portal to improve teaching and learning in primary care: a mixed methods evaluation

Themes identified from conversations with medical school A, B and C preceptor
How would you recommend improving teaching and learning in Primary Care or Basic Family Health Units (BHFUs)?
Themes Responses from medical school A preceptors
Community projects
Learning through teaching
Preceptor qualifications
Permanent education
and continued
"Maintaining contact with the community is very important for learning purposes"
"The interns learn a lot by teaching the younger students"
"A smaller number of students should be taught at a time" "A large number of students and population to be served limits the amount of time that can be dedicated to each individual"
"Integrate the academy with city governance to improve practices" "Focus the academy more on real conditions"
"I try to help identify themes and structure proposed schedules"
"Specialists must advise us on the different Units"
"We need continuing education activities"
Themes Responses from medical school B preceptors
To learn is to do
Preceptor qualifications
Preceptor professional development
Emergency care reopening
Early insertion
Active learning methods
"The best way to learn is to practice doing tasks"
"Knowledge from Unit specialists should be used to move beyond ethics to doctor-patient relationships and technical knowledge"
"The teachers are specialists who engage in specialized HUAPa activities and who do not want to work with the HBUb because they do not want to leave the hospital environment. The university should have teachers with this profile work directly with the BHFU ..." "Supervision should be more active"
"Preceptors should engage with professionals involved in services" "There must be a willingness to engage in TCSc"
"The HBUb must be structured to receive students and teachers and to understand what it means to incorporate a new discipline into the unit"
"We must not forget the need to constantly read new articles"
"Reopening emergency care at HUAPa would be a great experience"
"I think that insertion in later stages before graduation would be more productive"
"Use active learning methods"
Themes Responses from medical school C preceptors
Preceptor qualifications
Community projects
"There must be specialized academic training with specialized didactic material"
"The HBUb determines the number of people assisted and there is no time to discuss cases"
"We must improve counter references for the discussion of diagnoses"
"There is not enough discussion time"
"There has been decline in local demand"
"We should standardize subjects and apply activity-based learning"
"We must provide more training in community interventions"
"More time should be dedicated to carrying out community projects"
  1. Source: the authors
  2. aHUAP - Antônio Pedro University Hospital
  3. bHBU - Health Basic Unit
  4. cTCS - Supervised Field Work