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Table 4 Summary of patients, students, and clinical supervisors’ perspectives of the PFCP questionnaire as a pedagogical feedback tool

From: Let’s ask the patient – composition and validation of a questionnaire for patients’ feedback to medical students

Identified themes Patients’ perspectives Students’ perspectives Clinical supervisors’ perspectives
Ability to capture the personal agenda of the consultation Clarifies the provided information and suggested treatment in relation to personal agenda Identifies students’ assignment as health providers regarding communication and consultation skills Identifies supervisors’ pedagogical assignment
Alignment with the consultation Visualises the consultation process with preserved authenticity Visualises the expected performance in relation to learning goals Highlights and illustrates learning outcomes and enhances the framework for feedback in alignment with the consultation
Construct and characteristics Visualises the intended task as a feedback provider. Facilitates the process to provide specific feedback Facilitates the identification of the level of knowledge and areas for improvement Facilitates the clinical supervisor’s ability to provide adequate feedback to students