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Table 4 Subject Clusters in clinical teaching

From: Visualization of clinical teaching citations using social network analysis

No. Name of the Cluster Number of items, links and Frequents Keywords within the cluster
1 Clinical reasoning 4 Items, 348 link, 3770 total link, 139 Frequents Clinical education teaching, Clinical reasoning, Reflection, Reflective practice development
2 Humanism (16 items) (link = 347 total = 3764) Frequents: 137 Decentralized clinical training, Humanism, General practice, Job experience, Learning curve, Medical expert, National health insurance, National health service, Organization and management, Personal value, Primary health care, Public health service, Secondary health care, Specialist outreach, Tertiary care center, workshop
3 Cooperative Behavior 38 Items, 297 link, 2904 total link, 102Frequents Adolescent psychiatry, Attitude to computer, Bedside teaching, bedside learning, Blended Learning, Capacity building, Caregiver, clinical future, Computer- assisted instruction, Conceptual framework, Cooperative behavior, Delivery of health care, Educational measurement, Health care personal, Health program, Health promotion, Integrated health care system, Learning theory, Medical information system, Medical society, Medical student core curriculum, Needs assessment, Online Curriculum, Online system, Patient referral, Practice guide line, Procedures, Referral and consultation, Resident as a teacher, Self-evaluation, Shared learning, Social media, Social participation, Society medical, Standardization, Teacher training, teaching assessment, Trainee- as – teacher, Treatment planning
4 Medical student education 18 Items, 170 link, 1145 total link, 105 Frequents Adaptation psychological, Breaking bad news, Clinical teaching methods, Coping behavior, Core content, Emotional intelligence, Experiential learning, Hospital wards, Interview, Learning history, Medical student education, One minute preceptor, Oral communication, Pre- Residency, Problem based learning, team-based practice, Truth disclosure, Under graduate educ
5 Tutorial strategies 30 Items, 245 link, 2146 total link, 72 Frequents Clinical examination, Clinical Observation, Continuous quality improvement, Crowding, Educational model, Emergency health service, Emergence ward, Expanding clinical capacity, Formative feedback, Hospital emergency, Knowledge, Medical care, Medical documentation, Medical history taking, negative feedback, Pattern recognition, Personal satisfaction, Physical examination, Quality control, Quality improvement, Recognition, Reinforcement, Rotation, Skill, Standard, Teaching management, Total quality management, Tutorial strategies, Two mint observation,
6 Medical education 16 Items, 217 link, 1726 total link, 59 Frequents Career, Career mobility, Career planning, Course content, Health care, Health science, High fidelity simulation, Medical education, Mentoring, Nurse researcher, Patient safety administration, Professional ethics, Public policy, Sex characteristics, Staff development, Teaching materials
7 Learning and teaching 18 Items, 185 link, 1452 total link, 50 Frequents Adolescent, Anxiety, Clinical learning, Clinical teaching environment, Documentation, Early clinical experience, Electronic Portfolio, Field work, Information processing, Learning and teaching, Medical informatics, Practice, Professionalism, Responsibility, Socio economic, Students learning, Under graduate student, Virtual patients
8 Clinical competency 34 Items, 158 link, 2234 total link, 49 Frequents Academic achievement, Academic advancement, Academic medical center, Brain and education, Clinical competency assessment, Clinical educator, Cognition, Continuing skills, Disease severity, Educational environment, Experience, Faculty development, Faculty practice, follow up, Health belief, Hospital care, Job satisfaction, longitudinal integrated clerks, Medical specialist, Normal human, Outpatient clinics, Patient comfort, patient satisfaction, Patient rooms, Peer mentoring, Personal experience, Postgraduate education, Promotion, Retention competence, social desirability, Teaching approaches, Teaching Competence, Tele medicine, University hospital
9 Adult education 15Items,176 link, 1142total link, 36Frequents Adult education, Behavior, clinical clerkship, Clinical competence, clinical evaluation, Cognitive pre-training, Human experience, Individualization, Internal consistency, Intraoperative learning, Learning environment, Multimedia, Performance, Principal component, Surgical training
10 Curriculum development 26 Items, 174 link, 1172 total link, 38 Frequents Attention, Audiovisual equipment, Behavior change, Behavior therapy, Clinical supervision, Computer simulation, constructive feedback, Cost control, Crossover procedure, Curriculum development, Cybernetics, Educational technology, Evidence-based medicine, Health care quality, Hospital training, Image quality, Learning system, Outcome assessment, Post graduate student, Simulation in clinical education, Skill retention, Student attitude, Student satisfaction, Teaching round, Virtual reality, Visual impairment
11 Psychiatry education 18 Items, 163 link, 1130 total link, 38 Frequents Academic performance, Clinical learning environment, Clinical placement, Clinical remediation, Clinical teaching, Competency assessment, Educational pedagogy, Medical personnel, Nurse education, Nursing education research, Nursing supervisor, Pedagogical atmosphere, Personal Growth, Psychiatry education, Psychometric, Social environment, Socialization, supervisory relationship
12 Communication skills 25 Items, 169 link, 1040 total link, 32 Frequents Career choice, Communication skills, Cultural diversity, Education professional, Exposure, Group dynamic, Health care planning, Health occupation, Health personal attitude, Health plan implementation, Interdisciplinary communication, Interdisciplinary research, Inter-professional clinical education, Inter-professional evaluation, Leadership, Medical profession, Medical, Organization and management, Patient care team, Perception, Program development, Rural health care, Stigma, Vocational education, Work based learning
13 Attitude to health 13 Items, 347 link, 3764 total link, 85 Frequents Attitude to health, Continuity of patient care, Doctor patient relation, Health knowledge, attitude practice, Long term care, Longitudinal community based care, Medical student learning, Models psychological, Patient care, Physician patient relation, Verbal communication
14 Education measurement 5Items,58 link,125 total link,20 Frequents Ambulatory care, Emergence contraception, Learning response, Mini-CEX, Peer group
15 Educational program 8 Items, 93 link, 428 total link, 12 Frequents Clinical curriculum, Diagnostic imaging, Educational program, Medical imaging education, Medical radiology training, Objective structured clinical examination. Workflow 0.0806
16 Internship and resident 20 Items, 74 link, 336 total link, 12 Frequents Awareness, Competency, Expectation, Health practitioner, Internship and resident, Mental stress, Nurse practitioner, Nursing staff, Nursing standard, Nursing Training, Patient attitude, Patient education, Quality of health care, Registered nurse, Stress psychology, Stressors, Student expectation, Support, Terminal care, Workload,
17 Human relations 26 Items, 72 link, 1246 total link, 72 Frequents Abuse, Clinical nursing process record, Conflict, Continuing education, Ethics moral, Evaluation, Human relation, Medical assessment, Medical error, Medical Ethics, Medical Record system, Medical technology, Morality, Nurse patient relation, Nursing care, Nursing process, Professional misconduct, Professional student relation, Relationship teacher- student, Role Modeling, Scientific knowledge, Self-care, Self-directed learning, Social discrimination, Teachers student relation, Technology,
18 Competency-based education 19 Items, 49 link, 184 total link, 6 Frequents Community health service, Community oriented education, Competency- based education, Educational status, Health center, Health service, Home care service, Hospital training, Hospital veterans, Interdisciplinary, Maternal care, Medical practice, Mental health service, Midwifery education, non- technical skill, Nursing home, Program evaluation, Specialization, Teaching skills
19 Motivation 4 Items, 31 link, 102 total link, 5 Frequents Academic faculty, Clinical medicine, Goals, Motivation