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Table 5 T-Test indicating differences in perceptions according to gender

From: Modified team-based and blended learning perception: a cohort study among medical students at King Saud University

Instances influenced by gender t df Sig. (2-tailed)
The oral explanations in lectures helped me to understand textbook chapters 3.506 644 .000
I find weekly tutorial is a helpful learning activity. 4.753 653 .000
I find workshops are helpful learning activity 10.564 652 .000
Working in a group for workshops facilitated the learning process for me 5.957 643 .000
Reading, analyzing and writing report (i.e., Patient Safety case) helped to improve my analytical and writing skills 10.702 585 .000
Taking online quiz through Blackboard (LMS) is a good experience (convenient, enjoyable and easy) −4.206 663 .000
I download content (slides, chapters, and papers) on Blackboard (LMS) 2.789 699 .005
I checked and received grade via Grade center on Blackboard (LMS) −8.108 647 .000
The continuous oral and written feedback from course instructors through different channels (tutorial, workshop, quiz and exams) was effective in my learning −2.943 656 .003
Class evaluation of presentations was effective 4.565 635 .000