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Table 2 Categorisation of professional dimensions in the workshop content

From: Survey-based experiential learning as a new approach to strengthening non-technical skills in LMIC health care settings

Survey Professional dimensions addressed Workshop References
Individual awareness Teamwork Organisation
The Johari window model X X   WS1 WS2 Luft & Ingham [15]
Learning Style Questionnaire (LSQ) X X   X   Mumford & Honey [16]
Individual Development Plan (IDP) X   X X X Specifically designed for the study
Team Performance Observation Tool (TeamSTEPPS) X X X X   Baker et al. [17]
Team member exchange quality scale (TMX) X X   X   Seers [18]
Interprofessional education collaborative (IPEC) X X X X X IPEC [19]
Kolb’s lemon exercise, experiencing and thinking X    X   Kolb [20]
Evaluation of the teamwork workshop X X X X X Specifically designed for the study