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Table 1 Perioperative Critical Event Scenarios

From: Reliability of simulation-based assessment for practicing physicians: performance is context-specific

Scenario (Task) Setting Procedure Critical Patient Issue Critical Communication
LAST Outpatient procedural suite Dilation and curettage with a paracervical block Local anesthetic systemic toxicity leading to hemodynamic collapse Obstetrician
Sedation Nurse
2nd Anesthesiologist
MH Post-anaesthesia recovery unit (PACU) Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) Malignant hyperthermia presenting in the post anesthesia care unit Gastroenterologist
Recovery Room Nurse
Respiratory Therapist
2nd Anesthesiologist
Hemorrhage Operating Room (OR) Pelvic laparoscopic surgery Occult retroperitoneal hemorrhage secondary to an iatrogenic injury leading to hemodynamic instability and shock Surgeon
OR circulating nurse
2nd anesthesiologist