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Table 1 Items selected from the ABIM–PSQ [17, 18]

From: Comparison of self and simulated patient assessments of first-year medical students’ Interpersonal and Communication Skills (ICS) during Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE)

Question (Q) Please assess your own performance during the OSCE according to the following criteria:
Q1 (Greeting and Friendliness) Greeting you warmly; calling you by the name you prefer; being friendly; never crabby or rude.
Q2 (Respect for Patients) Treating you like you’re on the same level; never “talking down” to you or treating you like a child.
Q3 (Personal Interest) Letting you tell your story; listening carefully; asking thoughtful questions; not interrupting you while you’re talking.
Q4 (Careful Listening) Showing interest in you as a person; not acting bored or ignoring what you have to say.
Q5 (Encouraging and Answering Questions) Encouraging you to ask questions; answering them clearly; never avoiding your questions or lecturing you.