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Table 2 Illustrative student comments relating to test anxiety

From: Effect of remote online exam delivery on student experience and performance in applied knowledge tests

“Having to sit an exam at home is difficult, as you haven’t built associations between the exam and the environment in the same way you have with the computer lab. It can be more difficult to concentrate for the full 2 h. Furthermore, there’s stress associated with whether or not you’ll be able to connect etc.”
“Computer lab feels familiar and is a professional setting which makes me feel more confident and relaxed. More standardised and fair for all students taking the exam.”
“Being able to sit the exam at home really helped prevent the last-minute anxiety and nerves that I usually get with exams. I think this is the first exam I have ever had where I felt more at ease. The absence of the 30 min waiting time in a lecture theatre prior to the exam was ideal - less time to ruminate and worry. The waiting time is normally my biggest anxiety.”
“Felt much more relaxed and comfortable sitting at home and was able to get up to walk about, have quicker toilet breaks, have drinks and snacks during, talk through things out loud to myself. Was able to use techniques to help anxiety and to boost concentration that I wouldn’t have been able to use in a group setting in the lab.”