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Table 1 Remote exam experience survey items

From: Effect of remote online exam delivery on student experience and performance in applied knowledge tests

Setting and accessibility:
 Did you have easy access to a suitable quiet space to sit the remote exam? (Yes/No)
 Did you have easy access to a suitable device for the remote exam? (Yes/No)
 Did you use a shared or borrowed device? (Yes/No)
 How was the functionality of the exam software on your device compared to the pcs in the computer lab? (much better/better/ the same/worse/much worse)
 Did you experience any significant Wi-Fi issues during the exam? (Yes/No)
 Any comments on setting/accessibility? (Free text)
Test anxiety:
 Were you more anxious beforehand about the prospect of sitting the exam remotely compared to in the computer lab? (Yes/No)
 How anxious did you actually feel during the remote exam compared to the Semester 1 exam in the computer lab? (much more/more/the same/ less/much less)
 Can you explain the reasons for your responses? (Free text)
 Which exam experience did you prefer? (computer lab/no preference/remote)
 Can you explain the reason(s) for your preference? (Free text)