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Table 1 Medical student confidence, beliefs, and familiarity with principles of nutrition in patient care

From: Nutrition from the kitchen: culinary medicine impacts students’ counseling confidence

Question Agree or strongly agree (%)  
Baseline Posttest X2 P-value OR
Speaking with our patients about their food choices is an essential part of any discussion about health. 94 97 0.11a 0.736 1.93
I am comfortable having a discussion with a patient about eating habits and health with my current level of nutrition knowledge. 29 92 47.8a < 0.001 26.8
I am familiar with the basic tenets and research associated with the Mediterranean diet. 54 97 28.43a < 0.001 25.59
I feel confident that I know what a dietitian does and how they might fit into a patient care team. 37 93 39.77a < 0.001 23.3
I believe that a physician’s personal health habits correlate directly with patient outcomes. 66 92 10.07a 0.002 5.5
  1. aIndicates use of Yates correction for continuity